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With the growth of Indian economy and continuous reforms, Indian Regulations are evolving and it leads to emergence and involvement of professions. Valuation Report is confidential document until it is acted upon. Once acted upon it looses its confidentiality and becomes public document. The Valuation Reports uploaded here have been taken either from public domain or with the consent of at least one stakeholder. From 1st February 2019, Companies Act, 2013 has identified Registered Valuer as the only professional who can sign such Valuation Reports. Registered Valuer is one such profession which has thrown exciting opportunities to new aspirants. This web portal has been launched to promote the Registered Valuer profession with collaborative learning and value addition with global ambitions. The broad deliverable of the initiative are as follows:


Providing a platform to community to enable them to exchange knowledge, ideas, suggestions


Valuation Reports repository for ready reference for each Professional


Assist various stakeholders in appreciating the nuances of valuation


Generating other revenue resources for Registered Valuer


Generating valuation resources for young Registered Valuers


Educate and create awareness amongst classes and masses


Sensitizing Corporate World about Valuation Reports


Generate toolkit and formats for Valuation Reports